Innovative Medical Devices to Look Forward To

Innovative Medical Devices

Every innovation in the medical field improves the patients’ lives by multifold. It takes a long time before these devices reach the stage of commercialization. While only a quarter of the products make it to use in the healthcare industry, they are closely sieved, through strict procedures and only then allowed to enter the market. The accuracy of these devices has to be foolproof for them to make it to the patients.


People with paralysis are most often confined to the bed and have trouble communicating and performing any simple tasks. This product is all set to solve that without any requirement of open brain surgery. It should able be to restore brain function in the patients.


This one is an impressive invention that is an artificial human heart, which would work for a decade. Its magnetic levitation allows it to be used long-term. The rotary pump makes it a good option over the other variety that flex the membranes.



You can skip going to your blood test center. This device would itself ask for your symptoms and performs the examination. These results can go to the physician for the treatment to be charted out.


This one has been developed to be an alternative to generic surgery. The image-guided acoustic surgery tackles the affected issues, without having to perform any incision. The scalpel in such surgeries would be the mouse.


You do not have to make trips to the diagnostic center anymore for your simple tests like blood pressure, cholesterol, or any other. This health kit, which has been FDA approved calibrates all of these values and recommends you a visit to the physician.



This piece of technology is all set to perform high-precision surgeries and collect the necessary data at the same time. It removes any room for error and reduces the recovery time of the patients.


All this while, the spinal fusion techniques have required screws. But this implant adjusts to the joint to stabilize the spine, using only small cuts on the skin.


It is a one-of-a-kind blood purification device that settles the immunity of the patient during septic shocks. Its mechanism is that the substances that cause the disease are removed using magnetic beads and the patient’s health improves.

LightPoint Medical

This technology is able to pinpoint the cancerous tissues during surgeries. It helps achieve better outcomes and reduces the recovery time as well.


These medical interventions are all set to change the game in the healthcare industry. The future in this industry is definitely looking up and we hope more and more people are able to benefit from their wonderful efficiencies.

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